2020 Shall be the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing from Plymouth to the USA.

To celebrate this 400th anniversary of the further Christian seeding of the USA we shall be cross pollinating one another once again!

Approved Partner Black & White ClearIt is our dream
to put 66 British preaching, praying and church planting teams on the ground in the USA and to put 66 American preaching, praying and church planting teams on the ground in the UK our 66 most influential cities.

It is our intention to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ from each book of the Bible in the 66 most influential cities of both our nations.

To this end, we are seeking partnership with churches and organisations to plan and prepare for this momentous 400th anniversary.

Email me today on vr@66books.tv to get your packet of Information about how you could be part of this momentous transatlantic preaching event.


Recorded in 2011——The 1620 Mayflower Steps…..Plymouth, England