End-Time Ready



The 66 Books Ministry is a Christian orthodox protestant ministry. I am Victor Robert Farrell and I am the Founder and President of this ministry, and eschatologically speaking, I am an historical Pre-millennialist, that is, I believe that Christ will return before setting up His earthly reign of 1,000 years.

The truth is, we have been in the End-Times since the death burial and resurrection of  Jesus Christ, however, the Time of The End has specific reference to that period immediately preceding the return of Christ. It’s solid time reference is 7 years, however, there is a somewhat translucent period of preparatory years before the final 7 years begins. I have no idea how long this ‘translucent period’ is, however, among the people of God, I wonder if the signs of preparation will indicate what those translucent boundaries are?  In other words, light form God’s word through His people, though diffused, will never the less, give some indication that we are getting toward the time of the end and subsequently are getting ready for it.

The 66 Books Ministry seeks to be an End-Times ready organisation and among many others, is seeking to fellowship with other End-Times ready organization.

Now some of my non-American friends, might get a little concerned over our End-Time ready approved stamp being a Frontiersman with drawn pistols! However, I do believe in the right to bear arms and in the coming darkness, that right will come to the fore.

The church must take care of itself first, and get ready not only to survive the darkness to come, but also to thrive in it and through it, that the Gospel would go out even in these coming most difficult of days, from many New Antiochs already established. A ‘Preacher’ is an ‘olde tyme’ reference to a gun. Do you get the picture?

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“Time Of The Preacher”

It was the time of the preacher
When the story began
With the choice of a lady
and the love of a man

How he loved her so dearly
he went out of his mind
When she left him for someone
she’d left behind

He cried like a baby
He screamed like a panther in the middle of the night
And he saddled his pony
and went for a ride

It was the time of the preacher
in the year of 01
Now the preachin’ is over
and the lesson’s begun