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We are a faith mission and therefore a fundraising mission. We are doing all we can to open up funding sources from product sales at but bottom line is that we need your gifts and donations to take this ministry forward.

So, friends, you can donate to 66Books from anywhere in the World and through these giving portals in Particular. Our US giving portal will allow Tax Deductible contributions, and the UK Portal will also do the same and allow us as a ministry to claim the tax back.

PLEASE click on the flags, buttons, or hyperlinks, below and make your donation today- Thank you!


IN THE USA – We are very pleased to partner with NCF, the National Christian Foundation, where you can safely give to us and ALSO make complex gifts to us as well. If your gift is financial, and you want to use your card or donate directly from your bank acount…then click the button below

Now then, as I was saying, in addition, in the USA, if you want to give a COMPLEX gift, that is Vehicles, Property, Stocks, Shares, IP, whatever! Then contact us at (1) 855 662 6657 and NCF will appoint an account manager to guide you through the process.


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IN THE UK we are pleased to partner with Stewardship Services and so should you want to give a one of or regular gift, safely and with great integrity, then please go to….


For CARD Giving from ACROSS THE WORLD – you can ALSO go to –