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‘Finding The Spider’ A Unified Biblical Conspiracy Theory

This is my new book for 2017!

After the election of Donald Trump as president Elect and the surge in the alt-right media, coupled with a Chinese-driven ‘crack down’ on alternative and fake news, the focus on ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is at an all-time high. People in the West need this book because there is a need for a thorough ‘Biblical Filter’ to remove the rubbish, and discern the FAKE Biblical views that are running around the internet as well as provide a ‘Biblical Magnifying Glass’ to highlight what is true according to the Bible and also show just how ‘up-to-date’ the Bible is on genetics, chimeras, cloning, aliens, A.I., robots, transhumanism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, political machinations, the New World Order, possible coming war, ecological and economic disasters, and a lot more besides!

I am asking if you will help me write this book. I need 500 Pre-Orders by December 22nd to get this to publishers that can take it to a much wider audience, and so I wonder if you would help me by pre-ordering some of these books. If you can, then please CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW – where you can read tons more about this book and help me get the Word out on why the Bible is the biggest and best book around to answer any ‘Conspiracy Theory.’ Frankly, out of my 24 Books, I think this is the most important that I hope to write thus far.

Have a look at this video and then please to GO TO THIS PAGE and make your pre-order purchase. I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GET A LOT MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR!

Thanks for your help in this important matter