The New Separatist Bible | Release Date is:-


The New Separatist Bible | Release Date is
Midnight December 5 – 2019
Just in time for Christmas & 2020 –
The 400th Anniversary of the Sailing of the Mayflower

motionmailapp.comYes! We set a date. As many of you know, I have been in the process of putting together this Confluence Bible for over a year now, but what a year it has been for us.  To say it has been a challenge is an understatement! However, here we are and we are pressing ahead.

I would appreciate your prayers as I continue on this GARGANTUAN spiritual effort, and of course, your practical support as well, so, do please consider financially supporting me as I give myself to this endeavor. CLICK HERE. It’s going to be a great and flowering addition to the 21st Century, rooted in the 17th, and capturing the pioneering spirit of those Christians who settled America in the name of Christ.

Actually, I am still looking for ‘readers’ both in the UK & The USA, the pick a Book of the Bile, and then see if The New Separatist Bible reads well for the 21st Century. If you are interested, then do please contact me at

This Bible with have an audio version as well,  this is a non-studio recording, but see what you think and then let me know, please. HERE IT IS. CLICK HERE

What can I say, except, welcome THE NEW SEPARATISTS!

Oh, remember friends, at 66Books we are not trying to fix the world, we are trying to proclaim Christ and his righteousness, and also as Biblical literalists, we are getting ready to thrive at the end of this age and be as salty and ‘lighty’ as we  possibly can.  Want to join us?

my best regards

Victor Robert Farrell