What is Biblical Patriotism?

Good Morning. I am writing now as the president of the 66Books Ministry and so want to be very careful in not being understood as speaking ‘politically.’ I am not.  I am speaking Biblically.

The title of this week’s email was going to be ‘Why God is a Nationalist,’ however, I suppose Nationalism is now more a trigger word than Patriotism, for now anyway. . Even so, let me bullet point some earthbound and temporal Biblical facts for your consideration today as to why you should be a Patriot.

  • Biblically speaking, it is God, who with protective purpose, separated the nations at Babel.
  • Biblically speaking, the church glorious shall consist of people from every tribe, nation and tongue. That means, color, height, and gender. (Both of them) (I speak as a cadaver colored little white man so that’s important to me.)
  • Biblically speaking, the church glorious shall have (as the church militant already has) a monarchial system, where our King shall be Jesus. (Unfortunately neither His title nor Person is gender neutral. Live with it.)
  • Biblically speaking, the earth and its nations shall, for a literal thousand years, be ruled with a rod of iron by this same King Jesus.
  • Biblically speaking, any form of current Globalization, or national or global federalization of army/police force/monitoring are all anti-God as they foster the control system for the coming man of sin.
  • Biblically speaking therefore, I suspect it is right and good to rejoice in our own nationhood and be patriotic toward them.

The question then, Biblically speaking of course,  is what does earthly patriotism toward our nation  look like,  and how should it be shaped? Again let me bullet point this, and please note that I am not being political here, but rather, thoroughly Biblical.

  • Biblical patriotism honors the rule of law, but only where that rule does not violate the clear commands of Scripture. When this happens, the laws need re-aligning to the Scriptures.
  • Biblical patriotism, honors rulers, but only when those rulers do not violate the commands of the Scriptures. When this happens the leaders need replacing.
  • Biblical patriotism prays for its leaders. That God would bless and protect them when they do right, that God would correct them and woo them when they ‘know not what they do,’ and that God would curse, remove and destroy, them, when they do despicable things.
  • Biblical patriotism prosecutes its leaders when they do wrong and punishes them under the rule of Biblical law.
  • Biblical patriotism, removes all workers of murder and genocide. Especially of they are national leaders.
  • Biblical patriotism, protects its citizenry from all forms monstrous tyrannical Government.
  • Biblical patriotism, engages at every level.

I tell you, it is way past the time, when the Bible needs to be brought back into the town square. Only you can take it there, and we ask you today to make a gift to make it possible for 66Books to do the same.

I say again, I am NOT being political here. I am being Biblical.

From whatever country and nation you are from, I pray you will become a great Patriot of your nation.