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2020 Shall be the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing from Plymouth to the USA.

To celebrate this 400th anniversary of the further Christian seeding of the USA we shall be cross pollinating one another once again!

It is our dream to put 66 British preaching, praying and church planting teams on the ground in the USA and to put 66 American preaching, praying and church planting teams on the ground in the UK our 66 most influential cities.

It is our intention to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ from each book of the Bible in the 66 most influential cities of both our nations.

To this end, we are seeking partnership with churches and organizations to plan and prepare for this momentous 400th anniversary.

In addition to this, we are seeking to fully fund our 5-year project. Can you help?

WHY is there a need for your help in funding our Project?

  1. 2020 is the 400thanniversary of the Mayflower from Plymouth England to Plymouth Massachusetts.
  2. There is no more a cross-pond common language and heritage symbol than that of the spirit of the Puritan Separatists.
  3. Organizations on both sides of the Pond have a faint Christian attachment but really, the whole event has been hijacked as a celebration cultural heritage exercise rather than a commemoration of a Gospel-driven heritage.
  4. We live in a time where the next 25 years will bring in rapid change across science, medicine, culture, psychology and social structure. Already eroded Christian roots might well be completely washed away.
  5. We need to commemorate the great achievements of these truly remarkable Christian and Puritan Separatists.
  6. We need to re-capture their pioneering and ‘Separated fully to God and His Gospel’ spirit.

WHAT are we planning to do?

  1. We have a five-year plan covering 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 as our active thanksgiving legacy year.
  2. We will educate people of Puritan Separatism and how it looks now in the 21st
  3. We will teach people about the Bible, and the God of the whole Bible and how this book has and still influences our past and future heritage.
  4. We will train people in Gospel Evangelism for the 21st
  5. We will preach the Gospel from each book of the Bible, in the 66 most influential cities of the UK, and do it every year from there on in.
  6. We will preach the Gospel from each book of the Bible, in the 66 most influential cities of the USA and do it every year from there on in.

HOW we plan to do it?

  1. 2017 -2020 we will reach out to Gospel orientated churches and organizations to go and share with them our vision for 2020. We will recruit and develop Gospel proclamation teams from these Gospel churches.
  2. We will bring out a book each year which capture the ‘spirit of the Puritan Separatists like never before.
    1. 2017 | ‘Cromwell’s Soldiers Bible & Soldiers Catechism with the original Facsimiles in the back of the book, we will. ( 90% Complete)
    2. 2018 | ‘66Prayer’A Book of prayer for the particular needs of the 66 Cities, including referenced material of spiritual history, calling in the majesty of puritan prayers as found in such material as ‘The Valley of Vision.
    3. 2019 | ‘The New Separatist Bible.’ A new ‘confluence’ Bible combining the 1611 Pure Cambridge Edition of the Bible, the 1560 Geneva Bible and 21st-century language. (10 Bible Books already done, including the Gospel of Mark for immediate use in Evangelism.)
    4. 2020 | ‘The Old Separatists’ A book focusing on the character and ‘spirit’ of the men and women of 400 years ago.
    5. 2021 | ‘The New Separatists’ recounting the people of the 2020 tours in both the UK and the USA and hopefully, the birthing of a New Proclamation Movement
  3. From2017, we will continue to initiate our 6 pronged approach to city 21st Century proclamation and church planting:
    1. Investigative Journalism
    2. Prayer Walking
    3. Proclamation
    4. Virtual Connections
    5. Local NT Style Gatherings
    6.  ‘Apostolic’ Visitation
  4. In 2020 we will put teams of Gospel proclaimers in each of the 66 most influential cities of the UK and the USA. We hope to put USA heavy teams in Britain, and UK heavy teams in the USA.
  5. In 2021 we hope to revisit these cities for a Thanksgiving tour, promoting a new movement of people ‘Fully Separated to the God of the whole Bible.’
  6. Through these efforts, we will further establish the ministry of 66Books, a back to the Bible boots on the ground, modern day proclamation movement

WHERE we plan to do it?

In the 66 Cities of the UK using Plymouth England as our hub for the UK, but we hope to have a wider influence in towns and villages throughout the UK as well.

In the 66 Cities of the USA using Plymouth MA as our hub for the USA, but we hope to have a wider influence throughout the USA as well.

WHEN we plan to do it?

Our five-year plan starts in 2017, but 2020 is our BIG YEAR and 2021 our legacy year.

WHO will benefit from our doing this?

  1. We believe the existing Gospel churches will be helped in the practicalities of Evangelism, and thereby, grow.
  2. We believe the existing Gospel churches will have their faith renewed in the excellency of the Word of God, and the proclamation of the Gospel, and thereby their faith to believe God will be increased.
  3. We believe people outside of the church are waiting and longing to hear and see a new and Gospel renewed people Separated to the fullness of the God of the whole Bible, we believe these people will be saved.
  4. We believe Christianity will be polished to shine more brightly in this darkening world.
  5. We believe we shall provide living ensamples of people with a distinct and Separated to God and the Gospel spirit which will enhance and enliven the accompanying published works.
  6. We believe The 66 Books Ministry itself will be further and thoroughly established as a new Gospel agency for the 21st century.

Email me today on to get your packet of Information about how you could be part of this momentous transatlantic preaching event.



Check out this great video