Victor Robert Farrell (1960-Now & still alive and kicking!) was born in Chesterfield England, to Scottish parents with Irish grandparents, which is an obvious recipe for writing and emotional disaster if ever there was one!

“If Christianity can be relevant on a Monday morning, several hundred feet underneath an unknown ocean, in a pornographic sewer pipe carrying enough nuclear weapons to destroy a continent, whilst hiding from the Russians, then it can be relevant anywhere and everywhere!”

He grew up a culturally excluded Roman Catholic (his parents were divorced,) which is one of the reasons why he hates religion with a passion, and that’s an interesting enough fact by itself, because he is also an ordained protestant minister to boot.

V.R. became a Christian whilst serving on board a Polaris Submarine at the end of the cold war. He has gone on to do many things, including being a  broadcaster, App developer, performance poet, and the long-time author of ‘Night Whispers,’ which is read in over 100 counties and is also translated into Spanish.

Currently, V.R. is also President of The 66 Books Ministry: a grass roots global city mission endeavor. I suppose it is this concoction of background and experience which means V.R’s communication is always raw and emotive.

V.R. sees himself as a servant of the Word of the Lord, and communicating the God of the Bible, proclaimed in very real terms, to real people, is both his burden and his passion.



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