66 Women


Welcome to 66Women

  • My name is Julie Mason and I am a Christian and a member of Chapelgate Presbyterian church in Elliott City, Maryland. I volunteer as a Sunday School teacher to 3-year-olds and attend weekly Sunday service.

  • I work at a local General Hospital full-time as an Administrative Assistant.

  • I also volunteer at a German Shepherd rescue making reference calls as needed for new applicants looking to adopt.

  • I was baptized at St. John’s Episcopal church when I was a child. I have always had a belief in God, but I didn’t have a real relationship with Him and His Son- my Savior and Brother until my thirties. Only this year have I started to have a real relationship with the Holy Spirit- He has always been there, I just didn’t quite understand Him! I understand now that when I didn’t feel the presence of God, the Holy Spirit was always there- I just needed to reach out and ask Him for His help and comfort.

  • God has used the struggles in my life to motivate me to help others.

  • My Burden is for women of all ages and the spectrum of issues that they struggle with. 

  • You can contact me and leave a message at 855-662-6657 

  • I look forward to hearing from you!